Overcoming the Negative Adoption Stories

This is not the kind of news story you want to read about at the beginning of National Adoption Awareness Month. A French charity tries to fly more than 100 orphans out of Chad under the guise of adoption. Turns out they weren’t orphans and it hardly sounds like adoption. More like human trafficking.

And for me, that’s one of the scariest things about international adoption. I don’t want to steal someone else’s child. The questions raised in this brutally honest Mother Jones article, “Did I Steal My Daughter?” ring true.

That’s part of why we made the choices we did. We chose to work with Children’s Home Society, which has been doing this since 1889. That’s quite a track record. They helped establish the orphanage in Ethiopia where our child will come from, so there’s reassurance that this is no fly by night operation. Ethiopian culture also looks favorably on adoption (so I’m told).

There are certainly adoption horror stories out there. But I think we’ve done what we can to make sure everything is legit and that we’re actually helping children who need help and not just lining someone’s pockets or stealing someone’s child. It’s really sad that we have to worry about those kinds of things. Nothing is ever simple.

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