Hunting on a Sunday

As you may remember I’ve been into family history lately. When I was last in Kansas I borrowed the history book of First Baptist Church of Ellinwood, the church my parents attend, my grandparents attend, and I’m apparently related to half the church. I’ve been pulling family history from the book and I came across this entry:

January 30, 1894 – Decided we send a letter to Otto Bruckeman and if he is willing to ask for forgiveness because he was hunting on Sunday, we will forgive him.

I think it’s hilarious (and a bit sad) that this note made it into the church records. It’s kind of amazing Christianity survived through such legalistic times. Also makes me wonder what stupid things we do today that someone will look back on with embarrassment in 100 years.

Oh, sad. It gets better (worse):

November 8, 1896 – Decided those sisters (committee who went to those people who made excuses why they didn’t come to church) should go again and give them one more chance to defend themselves.

February 2, 1897 – Decided that sisters at Peace Creek who have done wrong, they be forgiven.

Decided our secretary write to them and tell them that the church had forgiven them, but if it happens again they won’t.

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