6 thoughts on “Commercials, How Quaint”

  1. I forgot to watch it last night – I haven’t yet adjusted to there being a reason to watch TV programming again – so I’ll be watching it over the internets.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t like watching it on TV. I had to sit through those stupid commercials and then Abby and Lexi came home during the last ten minutes and I had to choose between being anti-social and catching the end, or going up stairs and saying hello to my wife and daughter and missing the end.

    I missed the end.

  3. NBC’s online player is pretty decent, and ends up only sticking you with five 30-second commercial breaks. There are chapter breaks, too, so you could skip to the last section and watch only the part you missed.

  4. Yeah, that’s how I watched all of season 1. And the season premiere. It’s a decent method, especially before the DVD came out.

    I only watched it on real TV last night because my brain hurt from working and I needed a break.

  5. Stupid real TV. I hate that the volume increases during the commercials. So, I’ll get this perfect TV viewing volume, then the commercials come on and it’s SUPER SUPER LOUD! *shudders*

    We too use the Internet whenever possible to watch shows. I actually considered getting a TiVo after Caleb was born because sometimes I’m trapped on the couch feeding him and it sure would be nice to watch something actually good (as opposed to Judge Judy or other daytime television delights). I’ve been reading and listening to podcasts as of late though…

  6. We usually Netflix stuff, though it can be annoying waiting for the DVD to come out.

    I’ll often mute the commercials when they come on. For a while when Lexi was watching Veggie Tales on Saturday mornings I’d shut the TV off and leave the volume on when the commercials came on.

    When I was feeding Lexi I got a lot of reading done. I got really good at balancing Lexi and a bottle with one hand and a couch cushion and holding the book and turning pages with the other hand.

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