Parents: What’s the Best Viewing Order for Star Wars?

Jason Kottke posed an interesting question on his blog: In what order should a parent show their child the Star Wars movies? Kottke rarely opens his entries up to comments, but for this one he opened the floodgate and so far has 138 comments. It’s a ridiculous poling of geekdom, most suggesting viewing the movies in original release order and quite a few suggesting parents never let their kids see the prequels.

Quite the geeky discussion, but that’s OK. I love it. Seems like I’ve blogged about this before and how interesting it would be to never think of Star Wars in terms of originals and prequels, but just six movies (is that even possible, considering the vast technical differences?). Seeing the movies in internal chronological order (prequels then originals), as opposed to release order (originals then prequels), shifts the focus from Luke to Anakin/Darth Vader, which is kind of bizarre. The prequels do naturally lend a whole new perspective to the originals.

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