Adam Palmer’s Mooch and Knuckle Sandwich

Mooch by Adam PalmerA couple years ago a friend of mine, Adam Palmer, suddenly became a published author with the book Taming a Liger: Unexpected Spiritual Lessons from Napoleon Dynamite (you can read my interview with Adam about Taming the Liger). It was one of those pleasant surprises that reminded me that you actually can write a book and get it published (not that I didn’t think Adam could do it, but I didn’t know anything about it until the book came out).

I just heard from Adam recently and was again pleasantly surprised to see that he’s kept the publishing streak up with two novels (as well as nearly a dozen other book projects–apparently I’m keeping the clueless streak going), Mooch (which I think I actually read an early version of) and Knuckle Sandwich: Sometimes Rock N Roll Hits Back (which is coming out around now).

Both novels are in the Christian fiction genre, though you shouldn’t hold that against them. Mooch (or at least the early version I read) wasn’t the typical character comes to Jesus or character doesn’t have real issues type novel you might expect. It was actually a funny, caper type story with an intriguing main character.

Knuckle Sandwich: Sometimes Rock N Roll Hits Back by Adam PalmerKnuckle Sandwich seems to be another unique and funny tale:

Knuckle Sandwich is the next big thing in Christian rock music. It’s a band formed by three Midwestern college students with three very different dreams. Bassist Jeremiah wants to reach the lost, singer Matt wants to be a rock star, and drummer Liz . . . well, she just wants a new set. But as the group moves from the youth group circuit to opening national tours, the friends begin to experience the perils of celebrity. While Matt’s ego grows faster than the band’s success, Jeremiah and Liz find themselves on the brink of a sexual relationship. Now as the band starts to implode, can anything save them from a Behind the Music-style meltdown? (from Amazon)

Plus both novels look to have some of the best cover design I’ve seen in a while.

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