The Sanitary Meat Company

Sanitary MeatHere’s yet another 1930s newspaper clipping I scanned, an ad from the Sanitary Meat company.

Boy, I sure hope so. But right there in the title they’ve assuaged my fears:

Butcher: Wanna buy some meat?
Shopper: Yeah, but is it sanitary?
Butcher: [points to ‘Sanitary Meat Co.’ sign]
Shopper: Oh, OK then.

There’s a little marketing tip for you from the 1930s, free of charge. Use at your own risk.

2 thoughts on “The Sanitary Meat Company”

  1. Thanks; the Sanitary Meat Company which ran this ad was my Great Gandfather’s business. Been having some difficulty finding articles etc on the place. This was great – where did you find it?

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