I Could Go for Some Wii Boxing

I finally played the Nintendo Wii on Saturday. Now I know what all the fuss is about. I doubt I’ll rush out and buy one, but the temptation is definitely there. It’s very much a video game system for the non-gamer. The concept of actually doing something active to play a video game instead of just sitting there pushing buttons is great. Though the temptation to play virtual games instead of real ones is a bit scary (especially when we’re talking about the basics: bowling, golf, baseball, fishing, ping pong, billiards, etc.).

My favorite was Wii boxing. Very stress relieving. I had two fights and quickly realized how someone could pull a muscle playing a video game. I also realized I have a strong right but my left if practically worthless. Something to keep in mind if you ever have to fight me.

One thought on “I Could Go for Some Wii Boxing”

  1. The Wii is definitely a good time… though the activity part of it isn’t always fun. There are times where you just want to sit there, but it won’t let you (makes me feel lazy!): that’s what you hold on to your Gamecube games for, heh. I’d agree that boxing is fun… even to watch. All of our visitors seem to take a sadistic pleasure in making their own Miis and then beating the crap out of each other via boxing. Hopefully it’s not because we’re bad hosts!

    But it is definitely fun, and has good games beyond the party games (both out and coming out).

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