Creepy 1934 Listerine Ad

It Feels Swell!How creepy is this? I think she’s actually rubbing listerine into that kid’s head and he says it feels “swell.” Now I know things were different in 1934, but when I was a kid you rinsed your mouth out with listerine. You didn’t pour it on some kid’s head. (OK, my grandpa rinsed his mouth out with listerine, I didn’t.) So what else were they doing with listerine back then? Do I even want to know? Swell.

2 thoughts on “Creepy 1934 Listerine Ad”

  1. That’s sick.

    I recently took a consumer survey about using advertisements that suggested that many generations of people using the same product was a good sell. At first it seemed nostalgic and sentimental. Then I was like, “Wait. I don’t want to do what my grandparents did. They ate their food and got their products out of the depression!”

    I can see this one: Rub Listerine in Your Hair to Remove Dandruff! Your Grandparents Did!

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