Editing My Novel

Editing My NovelA few days ago I dusted off my latest novel, Turn Left at the Blacktop, and started editing it. I haven’t touched it since finishing it for last year’s National Novel Writing Month, but I thought it was time to take it up again (also, I’ve been told I can’t start a third novel until I finish one of my first two).

So far I’ve only read through it once and made comments and corrections, which is arguably the easy part. But it was a lot of fun. I actually laughed while reading it and found myself working on the manuscript any chance I had. It’s far from good and needs a lot of work–some sections made me groan but there were a few sections that really hummed (which made for a pretty uneven experience).

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. With the whole adoption plan in motion we’re trying to find extra cash anywhere we can and publishing a literary novel isn’t exactly the road to riches. But for some reason I still feel a push to get it moving. At the very least I could self-publish it like I did with Downtown Dandelions and maybe sell a few copies (I think I made $50–see, it’s the road to poverty). The money doesn’t really matter–I just want to do something with it.

But anyway, that’s where Turn Left at the Blacktop is. If you’d like to read it the woefully unedited version is still up in blog form, though it is pretty painful. Writing a novel in a month is a good recipe for typos, missing words and clunky text. But I’d be grateful for any feedback.

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