The Geo Dies, Harry Potter Freaks

Well, apparently I spoke too soon yesterday when I introduced you to the Geo. Today the Geo died. Going down I-35E. Just sputtered and stalled and then I’m sitting on the side of the road.

Abby diagnosed it as a failed fuel pump. I diagnosed it as catastrophic failure. So $92+ later the Geo is sitting in front of my house, awaiting its fate to be donated somewhere (it’s been a week for stupid expenses–yesterday I spent $150 to find out my water heater won’t explode).

Then tonight we went to Barnes & Noble at Mall of America, T-minus four hours before the release of the final Harry Potter book. Bad move. I don’t quite get the concept of a midnight book release. Reading a book isn’t a group experience. And it’s not like many people are going to actually finish the book tonight. Seems so much easier (and less freakish) to wait for the UPS man to deliver it tomorrow. Oh well, to each their own.

It was just over the edge when the Hagrid look-alike showed up and everyone jostled to get a picture with him. But I couldn’t tell if he was a paid Hagrid or just a fan who really fit the bill. Bizarre.

2 thoughts on “The Geo Dies, Harry Potter Freaks”

  1. I’m assuming this is going to Kevin:

    Raymond, KS does not have a book store. But I see you have a picture of main street posted on the “Turn Left at the Black Top” page.

    I live in your Grandpa Hendricks’ house and am looking forward to meeting you. Raymond Rocks on Labor Day! We love Raymond! Doesn’t everybody?

  2. Yes, Raymond and much of small town Kansas was an inspiration for Turn Left at the Blacktop. One of these days I’ll get around to polishing that novel up.

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