Today I Saw My Dog in Target

Close-Up of SpeakSo I was pushing my cart through Target today when I rounded the corner and there was my dog, Speak. He’s featured in an end cap poster displaying some “tough” dog outfits. Funny that the one manly photoshoot Speak does he’s still wearing a dress (look closely, it’s a ‘camo dress’).

So check out your local Target and see if you can find Speak. I’d love to see some pictures of Speak from across the country. Speak’s actually pretty famous. I took him in for another photoshoot with Target on Thursday and the art director told me they ask for Speak by name and when he shows up in the Sunday flyers Target gets more calls asking about the dog in the picture than the clothes he’s modeling. Go Speak.

What’s especially funny is that he has a completely different personality on photoshoots. He’s all happy and cute and totally hamming it up, which is half the reason they ask for him by name. Then when we get home he’s all sulky and sleepy and too cool for us. I think the fame is going to his head.