GodTube: The Christian YouTube

The self-imposed Christian ghetto lives. As if we didn’t learn anything from the Christian music scene and the lame Christian alternatives to MySpace, we now have a Christian alternative to YouTube: God Tube. Newsweek calls it “a goofy, fascinating window into the world of Christian youth,” and with a tagline like “Broadcast Him,” is it any wonder? Broadcast Him to whom? Perhaps the choir.

Ray Comfort’s banana as proof of God video is, well, it’s a bit too much for words.

4 thoughts on “GodTube: The Christian YouTube”

  1. *sigh*

    I appreciate your work in trying to get Christians to “get it” and stop stuff like this. Keep pushing, and maybe some day they’ll hear you. I hope they will.

  2. Just doing a little research into the subject of GodTube, saw your site, and thought I’d say hello and add my 2c to say that I am often staggered by Christianities complete lack of originality.

    Ah well.

  3. Huh?, I wouldn’t say that’s a great response. The last minute or so addresses the real issue (the first four minutes deal with what I’d consider a bunch of non-issues)–whether or not Christians should be holing up on a single site. He’s got a decent response:

    1) It’s a “safe” place to watch videos. I guess if you’re worried about what’s safe to watch on YouTube then I’d worry about why you’re on the Internet. There’s a lot of crap on the Internet. If you can’t handle it, don’t use it. There’s no site that’s going to make it all safe for you.

    2) It’s about niches. If you want to talk to higher education folks, you go to a higher education web site. Same deal here. This is an OK argument, but it’d be a lot easier to buy if it had a mission-component to it, i.e., come to GodTube to interact with other Christians, to discuss doctrine and methods of evangelism, etc., but then go back to YouTube to actually do evangelism, engage in apologetics, etc.

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