Displace Me

Invisible Children has always impressed me. Last year’s Global Night Commute was incredible. 80,000 people in over 100 cities walked downtown to camp out in a show of solidarity with the invisible children of Uganda. The videos nearly bring me to tears (both the trailer and the recap).

Now they’re doing it again. Bigger. Better. And asking even more of the people involved.

It’s called Displace Me and it’s happening April 28-29. They’re asking people to come to 15 cities across the U.S. and be displaced, just like the people of Northern Uganda. Fewer locations means more people, simulating the crowded camps and conditions in Uganda.

It’s asking a lot of people, but so did the Global Night Commute. That’s what I like about Invisible Children. It’s not simple or easy charity. It’s calling people to be involved in the difficult, hard work of love and justice.

They haven’t announced the locations yet (that I can find), but I hope it’s something we can feasibly do (babies complicate things, but I guess that’s part of the point).

One small (and much easier) thing we can do is check out a showing of the Invisible Children movie. It’s playing at Bethel on March 29. I’m hoping we’ll be there.

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