NASCAR Napping is Back

The 10-month long NASCAR season started up again last week with the Daytona 500 and once again I can spend my Sunday afternoon sabaths in the horizontal position on the couch, zoning out to the drone of stock cars. I usually don’t watch the entire race because I just can’t give up four hours of my Sunday, but I do like to catch an hour or two.

I’ve also started NASCAR blogging again, at least a little bit here and there. I wish the ads paid better because I enjoy writing about NASCAR, but I just can’t invest the time into it.

And it still amazes me that NASCAR teams have such boring, out-of-date web sites. At best they have a list of news headlines cribbed from somewhere else, most of which are at least a few weeks old. Where are all the race team blogs? I know I’m a bit of a blog addict, but it is a great medium for connecting with fans. I can’t believe so many racing sites just plain suck. Reminds me of a certain other type of industry.

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