My Blog Needs a Reboot

I’m frustrated with blogging right now. I had a few months of lackadaisical posting and now that I’m getting back on the wagon I’m frustrated. I don’t know if it’s the design or the format or what. But I need a change.

After reading the interview with Jason Kottke the other day and drooling over his blog design, I stumbled across this line:

“Tools are important. So is the format. It’s not as important as what people use them for, but tools and formats shape the environment in which they are used.”

So perhaps my tools and format need a change. I don’t know if that means a simple redesign (simple? ha!) or finding some new plugins that let me do something new or jumping off the Movable Type ship entirely and trying out a new backend package (WordPress?).

Something about not updating 10 different blogs is finally getting to me. 10 blogs. What was I thinking?

As I’m pondering these questions I’m incredibly wary of jumping in too quickly, which is my usual response. I’m too busy to stay up until midnight every night redesigning. I’m also trying to convince myself that this too shall pass. It’s just a blog design. Who cares?

But somehow I care.

Today I even started wondering if I should finally give this thing a name, instead of the lame-o ‘thoughts’ it’s been saddled with for too many years (though it sure beats ‘Daily Ponderings’ from the ‘Jammin’ K-Man’s Unnamed Web Page’). And that made me wonder if I should bail on and give my blog its own url.

Oh boy. All bets are now off.

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