Formula vs. Milk

We’re in the midst of transitioning my one-year-old daughter from formula to milk. I think she’s finally accepting it and I couldn’t be happier. You do the math:

  • Formula=12.4 cents per ounce
  • Milk=1.9 cents per ounce

We only had to do formula for about six months when breastfeeding was no longer practical and when Lexi gave up on it. Breastfeeding may not always be practical, but you’ve got to love the price. I don’t understand how some people are able to pay for formula. I’m just happy to swtich to cow’s milk (even if it is whole milk and I’m having to buy two different kinds) and leave formula behind.

Now if I could just get Lexi to stop shaking the bottle upside down and dripping milk all over the place we’ll be in good shape.

Update: I dropped the price of milk from 2.3 cents per ounce to 1.9. I over-estimated the cost of a gallon of milk (I guessed $3, it’s actually $2.39 right now). So even more savings. Go Lexi! Now if we could just potty-train you… OK, I’m pushing it.

One thought on “Formula vs. Milk”

  1. I recommend Costco’s generic brand – Kirkland Signature – of forumla. It’s comparable to Similac Advance and Enfamil Lipil. And essentially the same thing — see this for more info: Per fluid ounce it comes out to about 5.5 – 6 cents per ounce, which means you can pay for your Costco membership just from the money you save on formula pretty quickly.

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