My Baseball Cards Are Gone

I just sold my entire baseball card collection. There’s a large empty spot on a shelf in the basement where they used to sit. Taking up space. It’s nice to see them finally go, but I am a little sad. Mainly sad because my childhood collecting dreams never materialized. And it’s sad to invest so much time and energy into something just to give it up one day. But I haven’t cared about baseball or baseball cards in a long time.

Yesterday I posted the entire collection on Craigslist with a brief description of what I had and a picture (check it out, you can see the entire collection overwhelming my coffee table). I asked for $50 for the whole collection after seeing larger and better collections going for about that. In a little more than 12 hours I had 10 offers and by 10 a.m. this morning the cards were gone and I had $50 cash in my pocket.

Part of me wants to dread giving them away for such a pittance and wishes I had asked for more. But the rest of me is just happy to be done with it so easily.

Now if I could just get rid of my NASCAR card collection and the beast.

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