Gilmore Girls Grates On Me

We finished the final episode of season six of Gilmore Girls, an early birthday present for my wife, which means we finished a year’s worth of TV in seven days. Have I mentioned how much I love DVD?

And now it’s time to rant. If you don’t want season six of Gilmore Girls spoiled, you better stop reading here.

Ready for spoilers? OK.

I have to say season six was the weakest yet. How long could Rory and Lorelai act out of character? It was bad enough when Rory went away to college and the show suffered from minimal Rory-Lorelai direct contact. But they got impressively creative and made it work. Then they put you through half a season of Rory and Lorelai not even talking. Then just as that’s winding up Luke discovers he has a 12-year-old daughter he never knew about (how soap operaish can we get?) and we have to watch Luke and Lorelai slowly implode over the second half of the season, all because the two won’t learn their lesson and freaking talk to one another.

Now the season ends with Lorelai sleeping with Rory’s father, Chris–again. How many of her relationships are going to come crashing down because of Christopher? I can only imagine that Luke and Lorelai are doomed. She made the eloping ultimatum and Luke refused, so she went off and slept with somebody else. The same somebody else that broke Luke and Lorelai up the first time. They’re doomed. And as we saw when Luke and Lorelai broke up the first time, the show sucks without their interactions. It needs the Lorelai-Rory and the Lorelai-Luke.

And the show may be doomed anyway. Creator and writer Amy Sherman-Palladino, along with her husband and executive producer Dan Palladino, have left the show because the network wouldn’t give them a two-year contract. The cast thinks it may work to not have the super-controlling Sherman-Palladino at the helm, but early reviews say the writing just isn’t there. Yet.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night when the new season begins. Abby’s committed to watching it on TV this year (or at least tape-delay) and not waiting an entire year for the DVD. After tonight’s season six finale I may have to watch a few early episodes to see how it pans out. But from past experience it will take more than a few episodes to pan out.

I guess this is the downside to watching an entire season of TV in one week. It’s a little too dramatic.

[End rant.] (thanks for letting me indulge, not that you could have stopped me)

2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Grates On Me”

  1. I thought last night’s episode was pretty good. Sad and annoying that Luke and Lorelia are being stupid, but overall there seems to be hope for Gilmore Girls even without their creator.


  2. Kevin, I absolutely agree that season six tastes strongly of soap opera. I thought that all the way through it, or at least far enough into it that I didn’t want to really want to pay attention anymore. It just seemed disrespectful to the characters, to me.

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