Comments Open

I think the smoke has cleared and we can try opening up the comments again. We’ll see what happens. If my site dies, you’ll know why.

If this fails we’ll try comment authentication and see if that works.

Update: Less than two hours and we have comment spam. Ug. Not a site-crushing flood, but still spam. We’re going with comment authentication. I just don’t have time for deleting hundreds of spam comments every day.

3 thoughts on “Comments Open”

  1. Bummer about the stupid spammers. You use some kind of spam comment filtering, don’t you? I still think that there’s very low value in leaving comments on super-old posts open, and very high value in closing them completely so spammers have fewer attack opportunities. Then again, I don’t make money off my site, so I suppose the strategies and motivations are entirely different. ;-)

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