The Invisible Children: Night Commuters of Uganda

Sometimes the world sucks. I’m not often reminded of it in my comfortable North American lifestyle, but every now and then you remember that running out of Pepsi isn’t such a bad thing.

Today it started with an interesting marketing story: How to Raise $500,000 from Middle Class White Kids (and Why the Red Cross Never Will) from Seth Godin. But as I read the story and watched the videos, I stopped caring about the interesting marketing techniques. I cared more for the invisible children of Uganda who every night walk miles to the nearest town to sleep on the floor in relative safety so they won’t be abducted, raped or killed by a rebel group.

There’s a documentary, Invisible Children, as well as a stirring rallying call, the Global Night Commute, where they asked American children to spend the night in their downtowns to draw attention to the plight of the Ugandan children. That event was last weekend, so it looks like I’m too little too late.

Check it out for yourself:

What I want to know is why haven’t I heard about it before? These tragedies and so many others like them, the mess in Darfur, the genocide in Rwanda (so painfully portrayed in the movie Hotel Rwanda), ruin my afternoon, as well they should.

But what I don’t want to do is hang my head, be depressed, and do nothing. Evil is in the world, it is scary and depressing, but that doesn’t mean we shrink back. It means we step up and make a difference. We change the world. One tiny step, one little blog entry, at a time.

Update: And what makes me smile? The three college student filmmakers who started this are Christians, yet no where are they making this yet another Christian movement. It’s a youth movement. Period.

Update 2: Where’s my head? Anybody want to do a screening?

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