Joining the Online Video Craze

I’m finally joining the online video craze. Today I finished editing a video of Speak and Mazie after a late spring snowstorm. I put the video together using iMovie and included music from the Supertones. But the big question was where to put it. There’s a ton of video sites out there, so I decided to try a bunch of them.

Vimeo: Snow Dogs
This one has to be my favorite. The site just looks nice. They paid attention to the details. Plus, no wait after uploading. Every other site had some kind of pokey verification process. My only complaint is that they limit you to 30 MB per week of uploads. This video was 26 MB and less than 3 minutes (formatted to the high res version they suggested), so I can’t imagine how you upload anything larger.

You Tube: Snow Dogs
This is the popular one that everybody’s talking about. I’m not sure why. The site is ugly and not as nice to use. They definitely encourage sharing videos, but it’s just not pretty. They had a short verification process and then the video was live. No fussing about how much you can upload either. That might be why it’s one of the biggest sites out there.

Google Video was supposed to be a big deal. Well, I’m still waiting for them to verify my video. Who knows how long that will take. That’s a pretty big barrier. On the plus side, Google lets you sell your video. Not sure who would buy it with sites like You Tube giving everything away, but it’s a cool feature.

Bleh. I uploaded my video twice and both times it had problems and wouldn’t work. Looks like they’re just trying to cram in too many features and not doing it right.

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