37signals’ $120,000 Book

37signals is a web 2.0 company behind several successful web applications. They’re also professional, successful, published authors. About a month ago they self-published a PDF-only book about their software philosophy, Getting Real, which they sold only online for $19 (you could also buy a 10-copy license for $50). In 30 days they’ve sold 5,750 copies and raked in $120,000.

If this is your test case for online publishing, it’s the best possible scenario. Getting Real is very well written, edited and layed out. It’s no amateur job. 37signals also has a built in marketing base of eager buyers. So publishers don’t need to be shaking in their boots just yet. But they better be paying attention.

2 thoughts on “37signals’ $120,000 Book”

  1. Stories like this make me happy, though I think it’s much more difficult to be successful going this route if you’re writing fiction unless you’re already an established name. Stephen King could pull it off. I doubt I could.

  2. The reason that book sold well is because everyone that watches 37signals knows those guys are frickin’ geniuses, and know they have a lot to learn from them. I bought a copy myself.

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