Club Libby Lu: Connect the Dots

You want a sign of the apocalypse? How about Club Libby Lu? The Washington Post does a story on it that should send every parent screaming. Little girls dress up like Britney Spears–complete with tube tops, low-rise pants and lots and lots of glitter–while mom and dad foot the bill. I’ve seen the glittered girls at the Mall of America, but it’s even freakier to read the details.

You can connect your own dots to Victoria’s Secret.

One thought on “Club Libby Lu: Connect the Dots”

  1. Look, Club Libby Lu is a great place for girls to be little girls. They DO NOT dress them like Brittany Spears! They have an option to dress up in a princess dress or a black TSHIRT with a star on the front. They are not forced to even dress up. This is a fun place where girls can PLAY. You should think about doing a little more research before you start bashing a fabulous specialty store that caters to one of the fastest growing markets, the tween market.

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