Not Growing Your Business

I’ve never understood the mindset that a business always has to grow. Yeah, it’s depressing to see your business shrinking, but isn’t that bound to happen? You can’t grow forever. I’ve always thought providing for yourself (and employees, if you have any) should be the goal. If you can grow that’s great, but all you really need to do is stay stable (which will often mean growing just to keep yourself where you’re at).

That’s why this article piqued my interest. Ah, kindred spirits.

2 thoughts on “Not Growing Your Business”

  1. Ahhhh, what a breath of fresh air. I currently work for a company that is shoving growth, and more growth, and then some more growth on top of that. It’s what the tech industry judges a company like us on. I think they said the industry believes a healthy tech/software company should be growing 20-30% per year. Those are crazy numbers when your revenue is in the millions. That article makes me feel all warm inside and makes me think I might actually be able to own my own business sometime. That is, if I’m willing to take the leap of faith.

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