Runaway Dog

Today when the Simon Delivers man came with our groceries both dogs bounded out the door. Speak actually stopped to jump all over the Simon man, but Mazie noticed the gate was open and bound down the driveway towards the street and freedom.

When my calls didn’t even phase her I rushed back into the house, leaving the Simon man holding Speak, grabbed the entire treat jar in the kitchen and booked out the front door to cut Mazie off.

I came out the door to see her chasing some poor girl on rollerblades and my sharp cry of “Mazie!” actually made her turn around, though I imagine it was the sound of the treat jar I was shaking that made her come back.

I scooped her up in my arms and rushed her back inside, amazed that she didn’t wriggle free, all while the rollerblade girl laughed. I set Mazie and the treat jar down, not together, noticed that Speak was already calmly back in the kitchen despite the fact that the back door was still wide open, and went outside to get my groceries, firmly shutting both dogs inside.

The Simon man didn’t even register the high drama that just took place. I hate to imagine what could have happened. Is this what being a parent is going to be like, only ten times worse?

The really funny thing is that whenever Mazie escapes the confines of the backyard unleashed (it’s happened once before) she makes a mad dash for anything and everything. She’s like a rocket missing a fin, whizzing about in every direction. The few times I remember Speak escaping he just strolled along the driveway in no hurry to get nowhere in particular.

2 thoughts on “Runaway Dog”

  1. 5 tried to run away two days ago. We still don’t know how she got out, but when we rolled into the driveway she was hiding beside the house, and was apparently very relieved to see us. She ran right up to the front door with Stephanie, and was the first in the house.

    Apparently the outdoors scares her even more than it scares me!

  2. first she is a German shepherd mixked with a husky with a red collar and white paws and a black nose blace ears black stripe going down the back blace spot on th tail. and named peanut. if u hane any information aboutmy run away dog please, please email me or contact me at (513) 561-9771. please and thank you for your help!

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