Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

If you haven’t seen Dove’s newest ads, they use wrinkled, freckled and full-figured women–instead of skinny waifs–to hock beauty products. What a concept, huh?

But it wasn’t so easy to convince some men on the marketing team that most advertising makes many women feel inferior. How did they help the men understand? A nice little analogy:

“Imagine thinking every day that your dick isn’t big enough. Men just aren’t surrounded by images that make them feel deeply insecure.”

They got the message. Read the whole story behind Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign.

One thought on “Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign”

  1. Uh, actually, men are constantly being told they’re not good enough. Just about all advertising is done with women. About the only time you see a man in advertising is when they need some doof to look ugly so the women have a reason to laugh or close their blinds.

    I posted the following to the phorum but Dove refused to alow the post:

    While I agree with the concept of boosting childrens’ self esteem, I believe Dove is only doing a further blow to boy’s self esteem by limitting this campaign to girls. Anyone who thinks we still live in a “man’s society” is living in the dark. Everything around us is targetted towards women. From teaching methods in school to fashion to campaigns such as this to raise the awareness of “women’s issues”, there is very little help for boys. Boys are really the ones that need help these days.

    Even though more girls are graduating from high school and college than boys, we still have campaigns to help our girls do better in school. What about helping our boys?

    Have you ever noticed how boys these days dress in baggy clothes and mope around like slugs? Why do you think that is? It’s because our society is constantly showing them how bad, evil and worthless they are. Most advertising and television shows portray boys and men as a the weaker, dumber, lazier, uglier sex.

    Where’s the help for our boys Dove? If you only care about further boosting girl’s self esteem so they can feel further superior to boys, you’ll delete this post. If you really care about boosting childrens’ self esteem, post this message. Boys are beautiful too!

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