The Power of Google

The caller ID said Paramount Pictures, which really had me intrigued. I didn’t catch the guy’s name, but I think he was with the Dr. Phil show. He launched into his question so quickly I missed his introduction. But he went on to ask me about my blog post about body suspension.

I vaguely remembered the post, but I quickly realized where this was heading and started laughing. He was looking for an expert on body suspension, or at least someone who could connect him with experts or the teens involved.

He asked why I was laughing and I explained why, pointing out that I’d just found an article online talking about body suspension and linked to it. I pointed him back to my post for the link to the article and suggested he start there.

I can only guess he found me because the ReAL Magazine blog post shows up at the top of the second page of search results for “body suspension.” Weird. I’m just a blogger from Minnesota, yet I’m getting calls from the Dr. Phil Show.

One thought on “The Power of Google”

  1. What? You don’t want a trip to Chicago to record a program with Dr. Phil on “body suspension” (whatever that is)?! Sounds like good publicity for your blog network to me ;-)

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