How Not to Get Business

Last month our house suffered some minor damage in a storm. I called two local companies before having a friend help me fix the damage. One company gave me a ballpark quote over the phone and explained that since they were so busy it would be a week before they could do my house. The guy was pretty nice about it, honest about the cost and that it was a pretty simple job I could probably do myself if I could get up there. Which is what we ended up doing (well, not me, but a friend).

The other company I called took down my name and said they’d have their estimator give me a call back. Guess when he called? Today. I called them on July 26. They get back to me on August 18. Ummm, nice try.

I can understand when a company is busy and they don’t have time for a nothing job like mine (I’ve certainly been in that position). That’s understandable. But shouldn’t you be following up a little sooner? Maybe just call and say, hey we can’t get to you for a month. It would at least give the opportunity to make a good impression, maybe even refer another company instead. Oh well.

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  1. what’s up with that? communication is SO easy these days … but it seems like people are doing it less and less. Lame.

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