Hidden Falls Picnic Shelter Skate Ramp

Skateboarder on the picnic shelter at Hidden Falls Regional Park, St. Paul, Minn.The other day I was driving around St. Paul taking notes for a trail guide project I’m working on. When I pulled into Hidden Falls Park I about stopped the car when I saw a teenager fly off the roof of the picnic shelter. I quickly pulled into the parking lot and realized a couple teens had climbed up on the shelter’s roof and were using it as a skate ramp.


One thought on “Hidden Falls Picnic Shelter Skate Ramp”

  1. Hey Kevin! Josh Lewis told me about your blog, as we were discussing the beginning of the blog phenom, and so I came to check yours out. Funny enough, I was there that same day and saw you take this picture, I think. I saw the red car and the kids on the roof, and tried to just drive quickly by because I had my 5 year old in the car and I didn’t want him to get any ideas! Weird!?!?

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