Stray Cat

As if my day wasn’t already exciting, we came home to find a cat in the backyard. It took off when we got out of the car, but it later showed up on the deck. Eager to check it out and scare it off before releasing the dogs, I went outside to say hello. It wasn’t at all skittish and kept rubbing up against my legs. Not at all like previous stray cats, though I doubt this one was a stray. It looked like somebody had been feeding it well.

The cat randomally hissed a couple of times at nothing in particular, but kept rubbing up against my leg and let me scratch its head. I walked off the deck and started thinking about getting the cat out of there when suddenly it turned and lunged for me. I did nothing to provoke it. The damn cat just decided to bite me. It struck at my leg with the speed and ferocity of a snake and scared the crap out of me. It hurt, too, but I was more surprised at the sudden assault. Luckily it’s been cold today and I was wearing jeans.

So more ‘nice kitty’ in my yard. From now on we release the hounds.

2 thoughts on “Stray Cat”

  1. um, if i were you, i’d be careful about rabies… there have been a lot of reports of an escalating feline rabies rate.

  2. Cats actually can carry a really dangerous virus in their mouths called Pasteurella multocida. Two people at my office were bit by cats in the last couple of years. One had to spend the night in the emergency room because the virus or whatever had spread. The doctor said if she waited another day she would have had to have her hand amputated! The other didn’t have to spend the night, but she had to be put on an IV. So be careful!

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