Home Again

I’m back from the Sonshine music festival with the youth group. It was hot. Melting eyeballs hot. Hopefully I’ll write a snide review soon that draws lots of weird comments like I did last year. Though I will say this: If you ever have a chance to catch Mute Math live, do it.

Secondly, my cross-dressing dog is at it again. You can catch him on the cover of this week’s Target ad (same picture as a few weeks ago). I also took him in for another photo shoot last week, which should appear in September. Let’s just say Speak is still pretty in pink.

I’m also enjoying the new Harry Potter, as I’m sure many others are. Good stuff. I love how the story continues to be so engaging.

Oh, and choose your own adventures. While hanging out with a few youth group kids between bands at Sonshine we thought it’d be cool to write choose your own adventure books. Maybe that’ll be my next NaNoWriMo accomplishment.

One thought on “Home Again”

  1. Looking forward to your Sonshine thoughts. Hopefully no one will flip out this year just because you have an opinion. ;)

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