Q&A with Franklin Graham

Newsweek has an interesting Q&A with Franklin Graham, published last December but pushed last week with all the news of Billy Graham’s last crusade. Maybe I’m just sick, but I have a morbid fascination with hearing the latest Franklin has to say (though this isn’t really the latest).

I think it’s funny how Franklin comes up with the same stories and tells them all the time. When asked about AIDS, he gives his “God’s parameters” speech, which always starts with, “I’m a pilot.” Bono does the exact same thing, as I suppose there’s something to it. Come up with something smart and quotable, and you’ll be quoted. It’s just funny when you hear the same quote over and over and over again.

The last question gets into those loose cannon judges, and the reporter asks if the judges who decided Brown vs. Board of Education were activist judges. Franklin sidesteps the question, claiming not to be familiar with the case (I’ll assume he means not familiar with the specifics, as opposed to not knowing of the case). It’s an intersting question for everyone railing on about activist judges. Is there precedent for what they’re talking about? I’ll have to side with Franklin on this one and plead ignorance, though I wish someone with more legal and political insight would write that article.

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