My First Photo

My first photo.Check it out. It’s my first photo. Taken in June of 1984 with my dad’s Pentax 35mm when I was 5 years old. The subjects are my dad and older brother, standing in the recently built pigeon house (yes, my dad raised pigeons in the wealthy suburbs of West Bloomfield).

My dad’s apparently been scanning old slides (you should see the ’84 Mustang GT). This one was marked “Kevin’s first picture,” and I vaguely remember taking it (though maybe that’s just a false memory

Score a Gym Makeover for an Inner-City Ministry

All the details are posted over at my Twin Cities Liver blog, but I’d encourage you to support Faith & Family Night at the Minnesota Lynx game this Saturday night. There’s a chance we could win a $25,000 gym makeover for the Union Gospel Mission’s Ober Center in St. Paul (my wife works there). And you don’t have to live in the Twin Cities to help. You can send people to the game. Check it out.

Bono Article Reprinted

A Monkey Outta Nowhere story that originally appeared in 2003 was reprinted in the 2005 issue of Orientation magazine.

He hangs with the president and the pope and fronts the biggest rock band in the world. He’s passionate about politics and economics, and he’s as old as your parents. And he has one name: Bono.

The article, “Get Up Off Your Knees: Bono Takes on the World,” explores the faith of rock band U2’s front man and his crusade against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

AirPort Express Funk

After almost three days of intermittent Internet I seem to finally be back up to full speed. Though maybe I shouldn’t rejoice just yet. It always seems to go down again when I rejoice.

My connection would literally go up and down every few minutes. One moment everything would be loading fine, the next I’d get nothing. I have a cable modem through Comcast and a home network with Apple’s AirPort Express that powers my desktop and my laptop. And going up and down like that throughout the day is a great way to get no work done. I actually took off on Tuesday afternoon for a bike ride and Wednesday to help a friend move. But today the problem had to be dealt with.

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