Visiting Los Angeles

I’m in Los Angeles right now. Just thought I’d let you know. Another business trip, checking out the west coast and seeing some friends again.

I don’t have anything thrilling to report, I just love being able to crash on a couch in an office 1,500 miles from home and be blogging. Mmm… laptops. Mmm… WiFi.

I did start watching the TV series Firefly from Joss Whedon on the flight out, and I have to say I’m hooked. Good stuff.

And an odd thing, when my flight landed in L.A. the two guys sitting next to me whipped out their digital cameras and starting taking pictures as the plane was taxiing. Now it’s the Los Angeles International Airport, it’s not like the scenery is thrilling. I think they were just snapping pictures of airport stuff. Doesn’t that seem like a no-no in our post-9/11, hyper-security sensitive society? They weren’t trying to be sneaky or anything and none of the flight attendants stopped them, so I can’t imagine there’s anything wrong with it, it just struck me as weird. It didn’t help with the racial profiling in my head that both of them were darker skinned Asians. Weird.

Then again, my dad used to stop the car on family vacations so he could take pictures of trains.

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  1. I enjoyed “Firefly,” and I have a co-worker who’s a huuuge fan. I’m sure you know there’s a movie version, entitled “Serenity,” coming out later this year.

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