6 out of 20 Formula One Cars Race

Formula One car sitting on pit roadFormula One is supposed to be the world’s most popular racing series. But when the elite worldwide series came to Indianapolis Motor Speedway they weren’t so popular. 14 cars pulled out of the U.S. Grand Prix on Sunday, leaving a meager six cars to fight for the victory. Fans booed, threw debris on the track and many left early.

The 14 cars pulled out over safety concerns with their Michelin tires. Michelin informed the teams that their tires were unsafe for the track but a compromise couldn’t be reached before the start of the race. So the six cars on Bridgestone tires has the race to themselves.

Michael Schumacher, the series’ champion for the past five years (that’s right, can you say dynasty? I’ve also heard that Schumacher is makes more money than any professional athlete in the world) won the race, though he didn’t exactly stick around to celebrate.

And you thought NASCAR was weird.

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