My Dog Makes More Money Than You

Speak's Target Ad DebutMy dog, Speak, has made his professional debut. You can check him out in this week’s Target ad. It’s a small picture on the bottom of the second to last page. And yes, he is wearing a pink dress and pearls. You’d be surprised what someone will do if you paid them enough.

Though he looks awfully depressed in the picture. I’m surprised Target even used that picture. The picture was taken the first few days we had Mazie, and he had swallowed a greenie practically whole, so he wasn’t exactly feeling well. OK, I guess that was a different shoot. But it was really hot in the studio and he just wanted to lie down. But then you couldn’t see his pretty dress. That and he’s wearing pink. What a trooper.

2 thoughts on “My Dog Makes More Money Than You”

  1. If he makes more money than me doing that, I’m growing out my beard and calling Target right now. I look great in pink!

    Dude, that’s awesome! Congrats on having a model doggie.

  2. if your dog makes more than me, dude, you need to quit your day job and start toting that dog around more!

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