Back in the Traffic Game

Thoughts trafficI realize I’m totally jinxing myself by saying this, but I think I’m back in the game. If you check my traffic for this blog, and most of my other blogs, you’ll notice a sudden upsurge in the past two days. We all know I haven’t been posting more (though I am breaking quite a posting slump today), so I can only guess that Google has returned my site to its search rank glory. Or something like that.

My referrals are packed with Google results again, and my server stats show Google just soared past Yahoo for search engine results, something that is usually the natural order for my site, but it hasn’t been that way all month. I still don’t have much of an explanation for it.

At any rate, my Google AdSense income is up again, to the thrilling height of shiny silver coins per day, instead of dull copper. That’s always cool. For yesterday and today anyway. That and the graph of my traffic is fun to look at. The traffic graph will probably get more dramatic as the day goes on, but I grabbed a shot of it for posterity.

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