Reconnecting Thanks to Blogs

Blogging like this is such an odd thing sometimes. Rarely do I realize how many people are reading along. When I look at the numbers it seems like a lot, though I wonder if they’re actually reading every day and just sitting quietly in the shadows, or if it’s a lot of search engine traffic reading something I wrote months or years ago and never coming back. It’s a strange medium.

What’s especially fun is when people tell me they’ve been reading. It’s an odd ego boost, but also exciting. My first thought is wow, they actually read what I have to say. My second thought is oh no, they actually read what I have to say. And later, after my pride has gone up and down, I start to think about the potential. And that’s what I like.

A week or so ago an old high school friend tracked my blog down and posted a comment from Afghanistan. That’s amazing. Reconnecting like that, even if it is the loose connection of e-mail, never would have happened otherwise. It’s a minor and obvious example, but the ability of the net to capitalize on real life relationships is so cool. It makes dreams reality, not in an overnight, sensational way like we expected during the dot com years, but in the slow and steady, surprising way that networks pay off.

One thought on “Reconnecting Thanks to Blogs”

  1. Thought I might as well let you know that I am actually reading what YOU have to say – all the way from Singapore. :) I came to your site sometime back via GOOGLE and landed on the entry about your vivit to the zoo years back. And I’ve been comming back since :)

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