Christians Write For Christians

Rob Williams has an interesting post about Christian web sites targeting Christian readers. He has a graphic from the American Marketing Association blog about Democrat and Republican blogs and the incestuous linking. They’re basically two different worlds that rarely cross. Rob wonders if Christian blogs (and then he corrects himself to look at web sites in general) operate in a similar manner. It’s probably true. As a Christian, how much interaction do I have with non-Christians on the web? Probably not as much as I should for as much as I talk about the importance of the evangelistic part of my faith.

And I think blogs are the most obvious case for this. You usually read and interact and link with the blogs that cover what you think about. If you think about faith, well, you get links to Jordon Cooper and Church Marketing Sucks and maybe a random non-Christian like Jason Kottke (though honestly I know nothing about his spiritual beliefs). But for the most part it’s going to be Christian blogs.

I think someone like Darren Rowse is probably doing a better job of it. In an interview he gave he talks about trying to connect in a deeper way with one blogger every day. That’s your basic networking plan right there, but that’s very quickly a ton of folks he’s forming relationships with. I’m not saying he’s an evangelistic dynamo or anything (again, I really have no idea, I’m just rambling), I’m just noting that the circle of sites he reads, links to and interacts with is broader than a few Christian blogs. It helps that he’s a full-time blogger, but you get the idea.

Interesting stuff.

3 thoughts on “Christians Write For Christians”

  1. Very interesting! Evangelism as networking. Networking as evangelism? Either way, you meet a lot of people, and they become familiar with what you have to say about Jesus. Not too shabby. I’ll have to try that.

  2. I don’t know if I specifically meant networking as evangelism, but that’s what relationships are all about. I think evangelism is most effective when it happens relationally–when you form an honest friendship with someone. And that can’t happen if you only befriend Christians.

    Of course I’m a crappy example of this, but that’s probably why I’m thinking about it.

  3. Good post Kevin

    I don’t really have anything wrong with Christian blogs or Christians interacting with each other – its important on many levels – but to be honest after 2 years of pretty much building relationships with other Christians, talking about Christian issues I began to become a little tired and disillusioned with it. Perhaps its just my personality type, or a bent I’m currently on – but I’ve found the branching out to interact with wider numbers of bloggers from all walks of life a refreshing thing.

    The interesting thing is that along the way I’ve met not only a whole heap of wonderful non Christian bloggers – but I’ve discovered heaps of Christian ones too that have never really gotten into teh God Blog thing.

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