Sunday Afternoon Porch Blogging

It’s time for some porch blogging. I’d go for deck blogging, like Jordon Cooper, but it keeps spitting rain. Yesterday and today have been absolutely beautiful weather wise, and I’ve decided today was a worthwile Sabbath day.

After church this morning we went out to lunch with one of the other youth leaders and several of the teens. I had lobbied for grilling out at our place (we fired up Le Grille for the first time on Friday), but time constraints shot me down. At any rate, I dislike going home after church. I think Sunday lunch should always be had with other congregants–BBQ or not.

I took in some Battlestar Galactica after lunch, which was a nice bit of TV. Then Abby and I took a long walk with Speak before the spitting started. We came home and I watched the end of the race (Jeff Gordon won, ho-hum) and then settled down on the porch to read my recently purchased copy of Paste magazine.

I keep picking it up at Barnes & Noble, and I’m tempted to get a subscription. I’m reading through this issue to see if it’s subscription worthy, and so far it is. A subscription includes a CD and a DVD with each issue, and I’m liking the idea of curling up with a thick, witty magazine on Sundays. Time and Relevant are nice, but neither is quite Sunday afternoon material. I’m thinking it’s time Monkey Outta Nowhere got a few subscriptions for the betterment of our employee(s).

I like when Sundays feel relaxing and productive. That seems like a contradiction, but Sundays when I take a nap or crash with a NASCAR race somehow end before I’ve really enjoyed them. If it’s suddenly 5:00 and I don’t feel relaxed, or I feel like I haven’t done anything, then I feel cheated out of my Sunday. Maybe I’m strange that way. Napping all day isn’t quite relaxing. But reading some magazines, watching a little TV, going for a walk, and blogging is plenty relaxing. It’s 5:00 now and it feels like a full day, yet I’m incredibly relaxed.

It also helps to have a dog on your lap. And here he comes.

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