Non-Smoking Cities

The Twin Cities will become a non-smoking section on Thursday when smoking bans for Hennepin and Ramsey counties go into effect. I’m quite happy about it, though a bit peeved that Ramsey County has an exception for bars where liquor accounts for over half their sales. Which means most Ramsey County bars won’t be smoke free.

Though it will be funny to watch the masses of smokers gathering outside bars and restaurants as they try to hasten their own death. Thankfully they won’t be hastening mine anymore.

3 thoughts on “Non-Smoking Cities”

  1. Probably pushed thru by those who never go to bars anyway. What’s wrong with bars deciding if they want a smoke free environment or not. Free choice – a novel idea.

    ~ A non-smoker

  2. It was “pushed thru” because Minnesotans want smokefree indoor workplaces. More than 40 years after the Surgeons General report on smoking and 30 years after indoor smoking was restricted in office and retail workplaces statewide, many in Minnesota’s hospitality industry were still working in an unhealthy climate that would be illegal for white-collar workers. Bar and restaurant owners had years to do the right thing and go smokefree. Some did (thanks!), but too many chose to keep their employees, their patrons and themselves in the smoke. Finally, public opinion shifted in Minnesota and the local leaders fulfilled their responsibility to protect the health and safety of their constituents.

    Bottom line: secondhand smoke is a proven public health risk. No one should have to choose betwwen their health and a paycheck.

    Bob Moffitt

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