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Today I set up a new blog and tried to scour the web for Movable Type templates. Surprisingly, I didn’t find a lot. I did find this site, though they seem to be too new to have much. There weren’t even any Google ads on the search results page for “Movable Type templates”, which makes me wonder if it’s just not an industry that’s sprung up yet. These guys seem to have discovered it, but that’s about all I could find.

I did find a cool site with lots of tips and tricks, including how to add both a left and right sidebar.

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  1. It seems that what you really want/need to learn is how web standards like Javascript, XHTML and CSS work together. I mean, if you can really master those, you’ll also master MovableType implicitly. There are a few special tags that MT uses that do make things a tad muddy, but learning the web standard stuff will take you further in the long run anyhow.

    Why use someone else’s template when you can design your own? :-)

  2. I am currently setting up my first blog site, but opted to go with WordPress. There is an impressive number of templates available for WP, some excellent, some so-so, some horrid.

    I found your site while looking for a Minneapolis Church Web Site which I once visited a few years back. I can’t remember the name of the church – which makes finding it again difficult.

    As an inspiring web designer, I bookmarked your site in my del.icio.uc bookmarks, I like to know who else in the twin cities is doing web design, and especially like to know of those who share my love for Christ.

    Back to google to find the church w/o a name (that I can remember) – if you know of a church in Mpls that meets on Sunday Evenings, has a strong interest in the arts, both visual and musical, the Pastor graduated from Baptist and leans calvinist, they had scheduled poetry readings and workshops on their calendar when I was at their website a few years ago – and also yoga classes (unusual for conservative-types). The held workshops/classes at the church on Sunday afternoons. That’s all I recall. Let me know if you can point me in the right direction!

  3. Well, Josh, I have pretty well designed my own templates for a half a dozen sites in the past year and a half (and you’ll notice my templates are for the most part finished–oh, low blow!). But sometimes when you want a new look quickly it’s nice to check out a bunch of predesigned templates and work from there. I’m a writer more than I am a techie, so I’d rather get the design nailed down and move on to the writing.

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