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Contrary to popular opinion, they do serve breakfast in hell. And it’s delicious. Whatever you order, I recommend the bacon. I rarely use the word ‘succulent,’ but that’s exactly how I’d describe it.

Anyway, I was having breakfast in Hell’s Kitchen this morning with my lawyer, discussing a new business idea (No matter how many times I write a sentence like that, it never gets old). And I can now officially say it: My name is Kevin, and I’m a blogaholic.

My new business idea is a (you guessed it) blog, which I hope to set up and reveal in the coming weeks and/or months. And I use the phrase “business idea” loosely. I’m not expecting the blog to make much money–if it does, I’ll be elated. If it doesn’t, I won’t be surprised. But it will be fun. That’s what blogging is all about.

I’ve actually had three separate blog ideas in the past week, but until I hire an intern I think I’ll stick to pursuing just one. And I use the word “hire” loosely. One of these days I’ll have enough work to justify an intern, but just because they do work doesn’t justify a salary. I interned for free, and so can they, damn it.

For the past couple days I’ve been reading Who Let the Blogs Out? by Biz Stone, which aside from its woefully lame title, is actually a pretty good overview of the blogging phenomenon. It’s full of good ideas and some decent thought and research, but it’s a fluffly book–highly readable but not exactly meaty.

While Stone’s book hasn’t inspired my blog ideas, it has spurred me on. Blogs have changed the Internet and I think are slowly changing the world. That’s pretty cool. And I’m excited to be a part of it. I just love the cumulative effect of a thousand tiny blog entries. A few years ago boredom would be a good excuse to channel surf. Now I turn to blogs.

I’ve spoken in the past about feeling schizophrenic about having so many blogs, and I think more than anything that was caused by a lack of focus. A blog without focus can be a pretty boring blog. This blog, in fact, has very little focus. I’m the focus, I guess you could say, and anything I care about. Which makes it a very wide-ranging blog. In some ways that’s cool. But quite frankly, unless you enjoy my voice and my perspective, I don’t have much to offer. My blog is a navel-gazing blog of sorts, a glorified diary, and that’s just fine. I’ve always said it exists for me, not anyone else.

But the focused blog is really what’s been capturing my imagination lately. Church Marketing Sucks is my primary example (because I write for it), and I love the way this format can engage people. It has the brevity to provide something of use in just a few quick minutes. But over time, it has the depth rivaling a non-fiction tome, and the more time that passes the more a blog leaves a book behind in terms of magnitude of knowledge. That’s all a high and mighty way of saying that blogs are engaging readers in an age when people don’t read, without sacrificing the ability to truly engage a subject. A blog is not a lite-book.

And even for the navel-gazing, broad-based blogs like this one, that cumulative growth of interesting ideas and words over time can be so cool.

All in all, it’s exciting.

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  1. Have you heard about this? Oh, and then you’d have to take a trip to California. It’s about six hours away from me…but that’s six hours of pretty, coastline drive.

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