The United Nations PSA No One Will Air

Landmine video screen shotThe United Nations Mine Action Service has a public service announcement no one will air. According to AdAge, the ad has been rejected by CNN, Lifetime, and several ABC affiliates. After watching it I can understand why, but it’s sad that we would choose to ignore such an important issue. Each year 20,000 people are killed or seriously injured by landmines.

Watch the PSA and learn more.

2 thoughts on “The United Nations PSA No One Will Air”

  1. I’m really glad they didn’t air that. It’s totally over-the-top. Everyone would just get sick whenever the commercial comes on, and will eventually just mute the TV and feel offended that they were “forced” to watch the commercial the first time without warning. It’s almost like the whole ad is itself a landmine amidst other “safe” commercials.

    They need to do an ad that is tasteful without the shock value.

  2. I find it kind of funny that people are so upset by this PSA. This is an every day reality for a lot of kids around the world. When a real landmine goes off it’s a LOT more graphic than what was shown. I wish they would show some of the real injuries these things cause. There is nothing like meeting a little a nine year old girl who lost her legs on her way home from school.

    I think the shocking thing is that this PSA shows it happening here instead of halfway around the world. It’s much harder to ignore when you see a little kid, that looks like your kid, get injured. The shock value is intended and needed.

    They should also mention that the US is the only NATO country that has not signed the UN anti-landmine treaty. If it takes a little shock to get people to take some notice; so be it.

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