2005_02_25ilego.jpgHow cool is this? PodBrix (I’m assuming that’s pronounced Pod-Bricks–I’m not always up on my IM-speak) are custom Lego figures inspired by iPod commercials. The guy paints Legos and sells them. The first one (the silhouette, to the right) sold in under ten hours. The second one, Steve Jobs giving a Keynote, sold out in under 36 minutes (and my friend Josh nabbed one).

Based on his $16.99 price and limit of 300 units, the artist is grossing $5,000 on each set. I’m sure hand-painting 300 Legos takes a lot of time, and there’s probably a number of expenses (Legos ain’t cheap), but grossing $10,000 in a month is pretty sweet (I could bury a lot of student loans if my novel sold that well). And if it’s such a simple idea that you could do it, why haven’t you?

2 thoughts on “iLego”

  1. The Steve Jobs one is going for about 10 times what I paid for it on eBay right now. The iPod Dancer one is going for about twice what I paid. Wow.

  2. PodBrix

    If you’re a Mac fan, you’ve probably already seen the PodBrix people’s stuff. They’re basically Apple lovers and Lego lovers who have put their two loves together in one product. My friend Kevin wrote a blog entry about them awhile…

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