Selling out U2

Along with the big splash of U2’s new album last year came plenty of complaints about the band selling out. The complaints range from the type music (too commercial), to their appearance in the iPod commercial (sell out!), to licensing their songs, to the recent ticket debacle. This Chicago Tribune article covers most of the complaints from disgruntled U2 fans.

Now I’m a U2 nut (in case you haven’t noticed) and probably rather biased, but I still don’t get all this complaining. The ticket stuff I understand–they screwed things up and should have a better system. Though I don’t understand how that makes them a bunch of sell outs.

But all the other complaints just amaze me. They’re taking all these steps to get their music out there and be heard, and they just get slammed for it. As if licensing songs–making money from the work you did–is a bad thing. The band has a big ego (OK, Bono has a big ego) and they want to be heard. They don’t want to play music to their dying fans on some unending reunion tour. They want to make fresh music and be heard by new ears. I don’t see how that’s a horrible thing. It’s not like we’ve seen the U2 rap album (or worship album for that matter). It’s not like they’re appearing on TRL and trying to rock it with the youngsters.

Quit your bellyaching, people. It reminds me of the folks who piss and moan when 89.3 plays a U2 song: “Oh, they’re too commercial!” Grow up.

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  1. I completely agree with you, both on the broader theme of U2 selling out (or not) and your more subtle jab at the flood of worship albums we’ve seen in the past few years. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to trying to track down and burn every copy of that insipid Michael W. Smith “Healing Rain” song.

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