Smog in Minnesota?

We’ve been having air quality alerts in the Twin Cities for the past several days. I don’t entirely understand it, but it has something to do with the weather not blowing our smog away like it usually does. Something to do with the temperature, the wind, etc.

So let me get this straight: The air quality in the Twin Cities is normally so bad that we’d be having pollution warnings all the time? Our only saving grace is that the weather blows our dangerous, polluted air somewhere else? Yikes.

There can only be so much diffusion of polluted air to “somewhere” else before we’re all staying indoors. Seems to me we should be thinking about ways to cut down on the pollution, rather than just hoping the weather will save our neck.

2 thoughts on “Smog in Minnesota?”

  1. My water/wastewater engineering professor once told the class that “the solution to pollution is diffussion” (or was it “dilution”). Either way, pollution that is spread out sufficiently is no longer considered pollution.

    We are all polluters. Even the men and women that bike to and from work inadvertently buy/use goods that are shipped from all over the world. The people that view themselves as eco-friendly are the ones that bug me the most. Maybe I should get back to work…

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