Mmm… More Publishing

Well, the publishing experiment continues. After posting my book on Cafepress last night, I discovered another online print-on-demand publisher that was letting NaNoWriMo participants publish their book and get a free copy.

At first I wasn’t too eager, but I checked out their prices and they’re cheaper than Cafepress. So my book is now available at for $12.79 or a $5.17 digital download. More than $3 cheaper than Cafepress, which is nice, and I make $1.50 more per book. Nice deal.

But as with Cafepress, I encourage everyone not to order my book from until I receive my copy. I have no idea how well it will turn out and I’d hate to see you throw away money on the deal. I wasn’t very impressed with Lulu’s online system (you can’t upload an image for the spine, and they were only letting you put in web colors for the background color, which means it won’t be right–why on earth you’d use web colors for a print job is beyond me). I also had to resize the book for Lulu (from 8×5 to 9×6–which makes it about 50 pages shorter and partially accounts for the cheaper price).

So the self-publishing experiment continues. We’ll see what happens when my packages come. I’ll let you know which one’s best and probably pick one and discontinue the other. If anyone has any input on price I’d be glad to hear it.

I can tell you I’ve probably spent entirely too much time on this.

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