The Business of Play

The New York Times covers the board game company Cranium (makers of the famous game of the same name) and their efforts to make games for children and adults that make everyone feel like a winner. It sounds a bit overly sensitive at first, but if you remember the brutal gloating fests after a bitter game of Monopoly it makes sense.

One thought on “The Business of Play”

  1. The first time I played Cranium was last Christmas Eve at the inlaws. My wife and I were on a team together and when it hit our turn, we played all the way around the board and won. They didn’t let us play on the same team after that. There are still winners and losers in Cranium.

    Monopoly is one of those games that has always appealed to me, but ends up being tedious as you can usually predict the winner a couple hours before the game actually ends.

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