Twas the Night Before Election

I think tomorrow has the potential to be the most important presidential election of my lifetime. Of course four years ago I would have said the same thing with the Florida fiasco.

So with that in mind, I present a few election observations:

What’s with all the fuss over counting votes? We’ve had four years since the last mess to get it right, but somehow that’s not enough? Could someone explain to me what’s so hard? One person, one vote. We have intricate systems to keep track of my money and make sure no one steals it, and I have a lot more than one dollar (hopefully). I even trade some of those dollars back and forth with multiple businesses, and the system is able to keep track of it all. Even the pennies. Yet counting a single person and their single vote is proving to be so worrisome. Sheesh about it.

I’m Kevin Hendricks and I approved this post. OK, this stupidest phrase of the year that has become part of the nation’s lexicon is lame enough, but can I ask why it needs to be tacked on to a commercial featuring the candidate talking to the camera? I can understand on these fanciful commercials that show nothing but wolves or the montage commercials full of stock photography. As stupid as the phrase is, it makes sense, helping separate a real message from the actual candidate from some group like the Swiftboat Veterans or MoveOn.

But when it’s just the candidate sitting in front of the camera talking for thirty seconds, does he really need to tell us he approved what he just said? Doesn’t that go without saying? I’m sure the Kerry campaign has been working on an animatronic George W. Bush to flick off the camera and scratch his butt, but I think the American population can tell the difference between the real Bush and an animatronic fake.

OK, that’s all I’ve got for now.

2 thoughts on “Twas the Night Before Election”

  1. Kevin, you do know that there’s a video out there on the Web of George W. flicking off the camera, don’t you? It was filmed in the early ’90s, as I understand it. So anyway, no animatronic fake necessary ;-)

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